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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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True,a there must be wisdoip as well, because the
perfect love would make you acquire the perfect
wisdom in order that you may deal Tn the best and
wisest way with anyone whom you wish to serve.
Each one of these things, carried to the ultimate,
involves the others.  You would use your will in
connection with it, you would see the necessity of
developing your will so that you could overcome in
yourself any failings which made you not quite what
you wish to be towards the object of your love; so it
is really true that(< Love is the fulfilling of the law."
If you have that one thing, it will make you acquire
all the rest, so that that one sentence is very well-
worth while remembering as a kind of motto: tf If
you would become one with Him? you must be
filled with perfect love and unselfishness also." The
perfect love could never see evil, for perfect love would
always see the best and highest meaning in everything
that was done, and in that way would in all probability
generally be right, because most people after all are
acting from motives which to them seem high and
good, even though they may not seem so to us. It
is very much the custom of the world to attribute the
lowest motive.  One is nearly always mistaken in
doing that,
Then you see:

In daily life this means t\\o things; first, that you shall
be careful to do no hurt to any living thing; second, that
you shall always be watching for an opportunity to help.